Restoration works

Fountain at Square Orła Białego in Szczecin

Results of work

The first stage Fences Central Cemetery in Szczecin

Cemetery in Wałcz

Fountain on the Wały Chrobrego in Szczecin

Altar in Kamien Pomorski

Results of work

Church in Świdwin

Figure of Christ from Dębno

Results of work

Column at the Provincial Office in Szczecin

Results of work

Villa in Gubin

Results of work

Panoply Baroque at the National Museum in Szczecin

Results of work

Pulpit in Osieki

Results of work

The tomb in Kraśnik Łobeski

Church of the Holy. Catherine Goleniów

Coat of arms of the National Museum in Szczecin

Presidential Entrance Office of Szczecin

Plastic Surgery Clinic

Eighteenth-century epitaph in Sucha Koszalińska

Other restoration works:

1. Monument Brotherhood of Arms in Szczecin,
2. Fountain of Gęślarka in Barlinek,
3. Tower in Maszewo,
4. Castle in Swobnica,
5. Church of St. Anthony in Wałcz,
6. Church in Nowogard.